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Transferring Tags

 To TRANSFER TAGS of unsold items from PREVIOUS SALES you must FIRST register for the CURRENT SALE  (if you forgot your user id and or password please use the “retrieve” buttons to retrieve your info.)  

Once registered for the CURRENT SALE The option to transfer tags is below manage items.

After you have successfully logged in, you MUST see a table with all of the sales(ex:DKC/Fall 2018, DKC/Spring 2019) listed.

ALL items must be transferred by tagging deadline!

  • Click on Manage Inventory (located in top gray menu bar)

  • Find choose a consignment to work on:  use drop down and select a PREVIOUS Sale

  • Find the “Status” column and use the drop down box to select “NOT SOLD” then click REFRESH

  • Click on “Transfer Items” tab

  • Once items are selected make sure your “Select a Target Consignment" (CURRENT SALE)

  • Select the “Not Sold” items from a PREVIOUS Sale that you want to transfer (no out of season clothing)

  • Then click “Transfer Selected Item(s) to Target Consignment” and your tags will be transferred.

NEW Consignors: When you register you will be asked to create an account, once created and consignor registration fee is paid you will be assigned a consignor number.  You can then click on “manage items” (there will be drop down boxes for price, size, donate/not donate, discount/not discount, etc).  Once all items are entered you can print your tags.

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