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Acceptable Items

Registered Consignors have until the Saturday prior to sale week at 11am to  items, the tagging system will lock at this time.  Once the system is locked, you cannot enter items but you can print tags. 

High Standards

There will be a $5 fee for every 10 items pulled from the floor due to overly stained/worn, damaged, toys with missing pieces/not working, items without batteries and out of season clothing/shoes.

Tagging Deadline

Danville Kids Consignment accepts almost anything babies and children use!  This list is only a guideline.  If you have questions about an item, please email us at

**Consignors wanting to consign more than 200 items will need to work an end-of-sale sort shift (full 3 hrs), If a consignor agrees and then fails to complete the end of sale sort they will only receive 60% of the selling price of sold items and will be charged a $20 consignor fee**



  • Children's clothing/Boutique clothing (sizes preemie-Youth 16) - We only accept clothing from the upcoming season.  Clothing should be clean and in good condition. (Example: an outfit with multiple pieces counts as 1 clothing item or a 5 pack of onesies or socks would be 1 clothing item; for clothing 1 tag = 1 item)   There is a 35 item limit on infant clothing premie-12months. Please pick your 35 best clothing items in this size range!

  • Infant and children's shoes -15 item limit per consignor- please pick your best! Shoes will be inspected at drop off.

  • Accessories-hair bows, belts, bibs, hats, etc.

  • Baby Gear and Equipment-Strollers, swings, highchairs, booster seats, bouncers, bathtubs, exersaucers, carriers, slings, play centers, NEW crib bedding, mobiles, monitors, feeding accessories, new breast pumps, diapering supplies, toys, boppies, diaper bags, etc.

  • Furniture-Chest of drawers, bookshelves, children's desks, changing tables, dressers, toy boxes, gliders, rocking chairs, toddler beds, pack-n-plays, train tables, etc. - All items will need to be assembled.

  • Toys-Please make sure all pieces are there and the toy is in working order.  Battery operated toys should have batteries installed.  You would not buy something if you could not verify that it worked.

  • Books, puzzles, DVD's CD's, games, video games, parenting/pregnancy books, etc.  Please no adult books/DVD's; No VHS tapes

  • Outdoor play Equipment-ride-on toys, wagons, playhouses, bicycles, tricycles, slides, sandboxes/tables, climbing equipment, picnic tables, etc.

  • Maternity Clothes-Limit 10 of your best items!  Sign up for RESTOCK to bring in 25 more items (items of your choice).

  • We are now accepting cribs! Cribs must be manufactured after June 28, 2011!


** There will be a $5 fee for every 10 items pulled from the floor due to overly stained/worn, damaged, toys with missing pieces/not working, items without batteries and out of season clothing/shoes.**



Acceptable Items

Unacceptable Items




  • No mattresses, no used boosters, carseats or car seat bases

  • No Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011

  • No Infant tubs manufactured before Oct. 2, 2017

  • No bedding, pillows, mattresses, quilted or upholstered items UNLESS NEW and in original packaging (per VA state law) sheets and receiving blankets are acceptable

  • No clothing with stains, tears, overly worn, missing buttons/snaps or has a broken zipper

  • No dirty, worn out or out of date items

  • No dirty or overly worn shoes

  • No toys with broken or missing parts-battery operated toys MUST have working batteries, if no batteries then the item will not be sold.

  • No stuffed animals-stuffed animals with tags or battery operated are accepted

  • No breast pumps

  • No used/worn underwear

  • No used bottle nipples-bottles are accepted, no used pacifiers or sippy cups

  • No adult clothes or shoes

  • No VHS tapes

  • No magazines

We will remove any item that does not meet these standards.

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