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Tagging & Pricing

Tagging your Items

Access your online account HERE

TAGGING GUNS are great but please attach tags on the tag of the clothing item or at a seam. Tagging guns leave HOLES in clothing so attach them properly.


  • There is a 200 item limit for consigning. Item limits: 35 items - premie-12 months clothing,

  • 15-shoes, 10-maternity clothes - want to bring more items sign up for Restock Thursday - CLICK HERE to register

  • Bring clothes on hangers with the hook pointing left as you face the garment(like a "?" mark).


  • Please group clothing by SIZE & GENDER. This will expedite sort and help keep your items organized until we hang them in their proper section at the sale.

  • Hang all pants by the waist with the front showing.  Use a pant hanger, safety pins, or yarn to attach pants to the hanger.  Do not fold pants over hangers.


  • Plastic, wire, children and/or adult hangers are fine to use.


  • Please use numeric sizing (0-3m. 3T, 6X). Do not use S-M-L for clothing.


  • For DROP OFF - Clothing must be organized by GENDER and SIZE (this significantly decreases sort time and makes sure items are in CORRECT size)


  • All toys need to be clean and assembled-Remember to have working batteries in all toys.


  • Place small items/toys together in zip lock bags (attach tag to the outside using clear packing tape or painters tape). Do not cover bar code with any type of tape.


  • Board games/puzzle should be sealed with masking or blue painter's tape (not packing tape, which tears the box) with a note indicating that all pieces are included.

  • Board puzzles can be wrapped in cellophane wrap with tag taped to outside. Count ALL pieces of puzzles to make sure all are included.  

Pricing your Items

You set your own prices!  We suggest pricing your items at 1/5 to 1/3 the original price for good condition items.  For new items you can price between 1/3 to 2/3 of the original price. 

Consignors earn 65% of selling price of items - become a Team Member and earn 70%!


Remember consignors determine how much money they make by the condition and price of the items, ask yourself how much you would pay for the item for your own child.

There is a 35 item limit for sizes preemie to 12 months!  Please pick your 35 best items in this size range! (Example: an outfit with multiple pieces counts as 1 clothing item or a 5 pack of onesies or socks would be 1 clothing item; for clothing 1 tag = 1 item) 

Entering information/Creating Tags:


1. Log in to the account CLICK HERE

2. Click on "Manage Items"

3. Enter information into the fields

4. Check the boxes on the left side of the items you want to print (notice on the

right side under "tag status" it will say "not generated" for tags that have not been printed

and "generated" for the tags that have been printed)

5. When you are ready to print click on "PRINT"

6. It will then tell you how many tags you have asked to generate/print if you agree then hit ok

7. A .PDF will appear with your tags and you will need to click on the print button to print tags


Tags are printed 8 tags per page.  You can print tags at any time(all at once or as you go).  Tags that have not been printed will say "not generated" under the "Tag Status" on the right side.
Once printed we ask that you put a BRIGHT color highlighted line at the bottom of the tag or across the “DONATE: NO” on all tags that you DO NOT want donated (this is best done when your tags come off the printer to ensure you don’t get any ink on your item).  If you are donating your items (DONATE: YES) you DO NOT need to mark your tag with a color. 

Tags should contain the following information:

CONSIGNOR  # - This is the number assigned to each seller at registration.


SIZE - Fill in the size if item is clothing.


DESCRIPTION - Brief description of the item, indicate # of pieces if more than one.  A good description helps if your tag becomes separated from item.


PRICE - increments of $.50.  Please take into consideration the age and condition of the item.


DISCOUNT - Friday items marked DISCOUNT-YES are 25% off; Saturday items marked DISCOUNT-YES are 50% off, indicate yes or no as to whether or not to discount your items.


ALL tags are to be printed on WHITE/light cardstock (paper weight needs to be at least 65lbs – cardstock can be purchased at Office Max, Target or Walmart). 

Do you need 25 additional items?  Sign up for RESTOCK Thursday and bring in 25 additional items of your choice!  CLICK HERE to sign up.



Tagging guns are great but please attach tags thru clothing tags or seams. Tagging guns can leave holes in clothing!

Use safety pins to attach tags to the right side of the garment(as you face it, over the heart).

NO STRAIGHT PINS!  You may also use zip ties through the tag or a button hole.

Make sure the paper tag is visible from the front of the item.


Shoes should be zip-tied, pinned, or placed in a plastic bag with the tag attached to the shoes.


Any loose parts should be put in bags and attached securely to the item it goes with.  Sealing bags with packing tape is a good idea.

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